Devices Allowed & Uphill Access

Copper Mountain’s ski-lifts & trails are designed for alpine & cross country skis/snowboards affixed by a range of binding systems and standardized adaptive ski devices and equipment for individuals with disabilities. As such, devices without appropriate binding systems and foot passengers on Copper’s lifts and terrain place both the guest and employees at increased risk.

Uphill Access is closed for the 2014/15 Season

* Skibike/Snowbikers must also wear snowblades or skis (No conversion bike kits ie:mountain bike conversions)
** Not Allowed Early Season

Devices Allowed & Uphill Access

Copper Mountain’s winter operations (ski lifts and trails) are designed for use by the skiing guests using alpine and cross country skis or snowboards affixed to their feet by a range of binding systems and standardized adaptive ski devices and equipment for individuals with disabilities. As such, the acceptance of any device without an appropriate binding system, is closely reviewed by Copper’s management team and must be approved by Copper, prior to the use of any such equipment. For this season Copper will allows riders using bi-deck Snowskates, having metal edges, and with a leash attached to the rider. The leash must be attached to the rider while riding, carrying and while on any chair or carpet lift at Copper Mountain. Riders of bi-deck Snowskates will be restricted to Copper’s high speed detachable lifts (Super Bee, Excelerator, American Eagle, Union Creek Quad, Timberline Express, American Flyer) and carpet lifts only. Copper currently does not allow other devices without bindings, and no foot passengers*on chairlifts during the winter season. *Event specific exceptions may be made.

If guests plan to ride a snowbike at Copper, they are required to wear snowblades or skis on the bottom of their feet, or they are considered a foot passenger.

Uphill Access Pass

In the interest of guest and employee safety, Copper currently prohibits uphill traffic (including skinning) during the early season (October - December). With limited open terrain and aggressive snowmaking activity during this period, we feel that these are important steps in minimizing the opportunity of incidents of uphill traffic. We do expect to re-open selected areas to uphill traffic in early January and we are currently in the process of accessing what controls and limitations we will continue to have when terrain is again open to this activity.

* Event specific closures exceptions may be made.

Designated Skinning & Snowshoeing Routes:

From East Village:
Up Skid Road to Main Vein, to Rhapsody ending at Solitude.

From Center Village:
Up Main Vein to Rhapsody ending at Solitude. Up Carefree or Loverly to Coppertone, East on Easy Road ending at Solitude.

From Union Creek (to Janet's Cabin):
Up Roundabout to West Ten Mile ending at the National Forest Access Point gate.

*Copper Mountain Resort Reserves the right to modify its Uphill and Foot Traffic Policies at any time and during special events.

Warning: Individuals who skin and snowshoe at a ski area are considered as a skier under the Colorado Skier Safety Act. Individuals who skin and snowshoe at Copper Mountain Resort assumes the risk of any injury to person or property resulting from the inherent dangers and risk of the activity. Copper Mountain Resort will not be responding to medical emergencies during non-operating hours. If you have an emergency during non-operating hours call 911 and be prepared to give your location and type of emergency.

Devices Not Allowed


Copper Mountain reserves the right to re-evaluate and change the listings of allowed & restricted devices at any time. Guests should re-check the listing prior to your arrival at Copper.