Daily Operations Report Manager

This is the spot to find out if your favorite lift is open to helping you access your favorite terrain. New this season, we’ll be reporting snow that falls after the mountain closes! Honesty is the best policy in our eyes!

Alpine Lift  
Far East Formidable
Too Much Triple Treat
Black Jack Lift  
Otto Bahn Allcante
Lillie G (L) Rattler
American Eagle Lift  
Easy Road Traverse Leap Frog
See and Ski Bittersweet (L)
Bittersweet (U) Bouncer (L)
Bouncer (U) Fair Play CLOSED for the season
Foul Play CLOSED for the season Main Vein
Rhapsody Sail Away Glades
Easy Rider Lift  
Learning Area
Excelerator Lift  
Copperopolis Ptarmigan
Brennan's Grin CDL Trail #20
Cache Glades Hallelujah
Looking Glass Mine Dump
Slip Not Ute Overlook
American Flyer Lift  
Alliroo Alley Coppertone
Easy Road Too High Point
Leap Frog (L) Woodwinds (U)
Alliroo Alley B I-Dropper
Liberty Upper Sluice
Indian Ridge
Gem/Pitchfork Lifts  
Green Acres
Glide/Rugrat Lifts  
Kids' Arena
Union Creek High Speed Quad  
Bridgeway Carefree (L)
Carefree (U) Easy Feelin'
Easy Road Hidden Vein
Loverly Loverly (U)
Loverly Lane Scooter
Sno Deal CLOSED for the season Vein Glory (L) CLOSED for the season
Vein Glory (U)
Kokomo Lift  
Lumberjack Lift  
Fairway Prospector
Roundabout(U) West Ten Mile
Clear Cut
Mountain Chief Lift  
Golden Crest Julie's Vision
Matchless Six Shooter
Union Meadows Lallarookn
Bradley's Plunge Iron Mask
Rendezvous Lift  
Sluice Union Park
Wheeler Creek Union Gap
Resolution Lift  
Slot Car Track Cabin Chute
Highline Hodson's Cut
Sawtooth Double Zero
Triple Zero
Sierra Lift  
Timber Ridge Colmans Retreat
Endeavor Far West
Gold Digger Kaboom
Little Trees Revenge (L)
Revenge (U) Union Peak
Buzzard's Alley
Slingshot Lift  
Training Area
Stinger Lift  
Home Run
Storm King Lift  
Bariloche Boardwalk
Hallelujah Ridge Lillie G Traverse
Marvin Gardens Park Place
Spaulding Glades Spaulding Ridge
Atlantic Cornice Calendar Chute
Cornice Chute Enchanted (U)
Lillie G (U) Pacific Cornice
Patrol Chute So Fine
Super Bee Lift  
Andy's Encore (L) Andy's Encore (U)
Collage (L) Collage (U)
Frank's Fave Homerun
Oh No Skid Road
West Encore 17 Glade
Bee Traverse Drain Pipe
Ore Deal Overlode
Rosi's Run Treble Cliff
Black Bear Glade Free Fall Glade
Timberline Express Lift  
I-Way Minor Matter
Soliloquy Woodwinds Traverse
American Flyer Bucksaw
Copperfields Jacque's Pique
Little Burn Tempo
The Moz Windsong
Tucker Cat  
Fremont glade 1 CLOSED for the season Fremont glade 2 CLOSED for the season
Fremont glade 3 CLOSED for the season Fremont glade 4 CLOSED for the season
Fremont glade 5 CLOSED for the season The Nacho CLOSED for the season
The Taco CLOSED for the season Valentine's CLOSED for the season
Closed Open Race Event Expected Opening
Wind Hold Groomed Noon Groomed Snow Making