Ability Levels

Ski & Ride School Levels Terrain Capability Ability Description Example Lesson Topics
Level 1 1st Time Skiing or Riding Never-ever skied or snowboarded before. Introduction to equipment, sliding movements, basic balance and stance, stopping, direction changes & lift access.
Level 2 Green slopes Can stop, make direction change and ride lift. Improving knowledge of movements, stopping, direction changes & speed control. Gaining confidence on easy groomed green slopes.
Level 3 Green/Blue Slopes Confident on green runs and developing on blue runs. Proficient with the basics to handle easy terrain and feel confident on groomed trails. Expanding various turn shapes for speed control. Itching to move to Blue slopes.
Level 4 Blue Slopes Developing & exploring blue runs & snow conditions. Beginning to refine skills to handle more challenging terrain, exploring easy variable snow conditions & speed. Learning short turns down blue slopes. Beginning to link turns in small bumps.
Level 5 Blue/Black Slopes Confident on blue runs and developing on black runs. Breaking through to truly feel confident on steeper groomed slopes and snow conditions. Making linked short turns in bumps on Blue slopes. Making controlled consistent turns on groomed Black slopes.
Level 6 Black Slopes Developing & exploring black runs & snow conditions. Mastering the elements of the mountain that really make people say "wow… you are really good at this sport”. Venturing off of main slopes into trees and powder and bowls.