Sherpa::The On Mountain Audio Intelligence App

Sherpa, the new on-mountain audio intelligence application brought to you by Copper Mountain.

Sherpa :: Copper's New On-Mountain Audio Intelligence App

Sherpa gives you hands-free, real-time insider intelligence, across the entire mountain.  Sherpa tells you what you're near, where to go and what to do when you get there.  It's locals only, insider information, available for the first time to everyone on the mountain.  Sherpa taps into the knowledge of lifelong employees, ski patrol and local experts and makes that wisdom available to anyone with a mobile device.  Sherpa is now available.

Sherpa 2.0 for the 14-15 Season

Your on-mountain audio guide is getting a slew of new features to enhance your Copper Mountain experience.  In addition to the official Copper audibles placed across the resort, visitors, staff and locals will be able to leave their own audible markers for others to hear.  Listen for celebrity tips, sponsored easter eggs, and more.  Don’t forget to bring your headphones so you can hear all the insider info Copper has to offer.


Drop your own audibles on the mountain.  Have a favorite line, tip, or joke?  Now you will be able to leave geo-located audibles for others to hear when they ski or ride through them.

Only the content you want

Follow Insiders, Staff, Experts and Friends.  Choose the people you want to follow and hear what they have to say about the run and terrain across Copper.

Pre-Trip Planning

Planning a vacation with friends or family?  Drop audibles for you group to hear right from your laptop.  Map out routes, itineraries, taunts and more.  Make the mountain your own.

Run-by-Run Tips and Tricks

From our most fun green runs to our most challenging black diamonds you’ll discover on-mountain audibles telling you which lines to take, where to find the best snow and more.

Review, Preview and Share

Sherpa will now let you review all the audibles you encountered on your runs as well as preview others on trails you have yet to visit.

Download Sherpa


  • The first hands-free, geo-aware, mountain guide. Turn it on, plug in your headphones, put it away and Sherpa will alert you with insider tips, directions and information wherever you are on the mountain
  • Mountain-wide, trail specific tips, directions and information. Know what the real insiders know. Which sides of trails have the snow, which sides are groomed, and where trail intersections eventually lead. Up-to-date terrain information you hear about with your headphones.
  • Ski Patrol Help button. One touch will call the ski patrol, alert them that you need help, and provide them with the gps coordinates of your current location on the mountain
  • Easter eggs, celebrity hints, Copper Mountain specials and more. Discover audio tidbits all across the mountain—clues to scavenger hunts, special promotions, celebrity tips and tricks and more.
  • Sherpa is available for both iPhone and Android

Download Sherpa

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