72 Lift Ticket Hour Sale - Save up to 41%

Airlines have sales on flights, why not ski resorts on lift tickets? Whether you're an avid Copper skier or you hang out at one of those other places, this is a great deal no matter which way you flip it. And... 72 hours is 3 days, 72 hours just sounded better.

Sorry, this product is no longer available. 

Looking for lift tickets?  We've got the best deal around and for just 72 hours. 

The details – tickets as low as $64 (41% off - our current $114 window rate). On sale now (2/26) through 12pm on Fri (3/1). Available dates to purchase for 2/22 – 4/14 (now through the end of the season). Limited quantities. Must be purchased at least one day in advance.