Art Guitars Strike a New Chord at Copper’s Guitar Town

August 6, 2009

Art Guitars Strike a New Chord at Copper’s Guitar Town


Copper Mountain, CO…August 6, 2009…There are guitars in every corner of Copper this weekend. In the spirit of the “Chicago Cows,” artists from around the community and Colorado have designed, decorated, painted and created the ArtGuitars from damaged guitars. These guitars will be displayed in retail stores throughout the Village at Copper during Guitar Town, and are on display now in the Red Rocks Visitor Center and the Copper Frisco Information Center. All proceeds from the silent auction will benefit the Copper Environmental Foundation. The ArtGuitar Silent Auction is sponsored by Denver's Guitar Center stores.


ArtGuitar silent auction bids will be taken throughout the weekend, with the winners announced on the Guitar Town Main Stage at 3:30 p.m. on Sunday, August 9.  All proceeds benefit the Copper Environmental Foundation, which was founded in November 2007 by Copper employees with a long-term goal to support environmental initiatives in Summit County and the surrounding area.


Artists and their ArtGuitars:

  • Emerging fine artist, Laurie Maves, not only presents the world with diverse and quirky paintings, she is also quickly becoming one of Denver's premier live concert and event painters. For her ArtGuitar, she started out with numerous layers of poured paint, and after the 5th pour, the paint took on the feeling of icing on a cake. Hence the title, The Icing On the Cake. Maves’ work can be seen at Copper in Rockin' R Ranch.


  • Dunn, aka The Signtologist, is an artist from the mile high city of Denver. For the past six years the "streetsignartist" has blessed 150 artists, musicians, entertainers, and athletes with his unique paintings on street signs. Dunn's ArtGuitar is entitled Johnny Cash R.I.P. as a tribute to Johnny Cash, made out of black reflective sheeting scraps on an acoustic guitar. Check out Dunn’s ArtGuitar on view at Copper in Peak Sports.


  • Jennifer Mosquera's distinctive and energetic style attracts the eyes of private collectors from around the country and the world. Her ArtGuitar Serenade of the Blue Moon depicts a songbird playing a tune for the sleepy moon overhead. Mosquera’s work is on display at Copper in Metals Rock!


  • Joroko uses his art to create political and social awareness with the ever-growing abundance of wasted materials (found objects) - he seeks out the discarded to create the new in order to interpret the current. Joroko's ArtGuitar is provocatively titled Folk The System and will be on display at Copper in Surefoot.


  • Artist Eric Matelski has made his place in the art community by painting live, curating, coordinating art events, and donating his artwork to a number of charities and non-profits. As a “live artist,” he has painted musicians and performers at hundreds of concerts and events, completing paintings in minutes. Eric’s ArtGuitar Django is a tribute to the music of jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt and can be viewed in Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory at Copper.


  • Scramble Campbell's ArtGuitar is of Red Rocks mid-concert, painted in the style of his live paintings all over the country. This Orlando-based painter has captured the live vibrations of music and the musician’s themselves on canvas. His body of work encompasses a who's who of musical legends and the emerging jam band legends of the future. Kokomo in the Taylor's Crossing building has this ArtGuitar on view.


  • Nemo's ArtGuitar displays his unique style of hand drawn circle designs. Nemo works in a dynamic spectrum of art pieces inspired by haute couture fashion, classic tattoos, furry friends and cute creepy-crawlies. Each piece of artwork incorporates an accent of colored pencil which serves to further enliven Nemo's already inspiring and masterful work. His ArtGuitar will be on display in Gravitee at Copper.


  • Jeff Erwine, born in Germany in the mid-60's, found enjoyment in disassembling anything and everything while growing up and still does. He usually works in steel and "rescued metal" and has titled his ArtGuitar Guitar Alchemy, which will be on exhibit at On the Edge at Copper.


  • Copper's own Dwight Eppinger has created Guitar in Reverse, which, instead of making music, displays the ambient sounds in and around it. His ArtGuitar will be in Metals Rock! in the Village at Copper.


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