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Copper Mountain Pics
By Jonny Walker(Jonny Walker) 
No video in this one, but here are a few of the pics from Copper. Just a pic from halfway up themountain. Big mountain. Me and Bob at the Top... now off the backside for some bowl action. View from base of halfpipe. Rockin it Co style. ...
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Tucker Mountain Day
By Jon Muellner(Jon Muellner) 
Copper Mountain had a fabulous amount of snow last week and I did some hiking to the west ridge of Copper Bowl and some snow cat skiing on Tucker Mountain. Ah, bliss. The day was all sunny in the morning and I was on first chair most of ...
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"Despite Brian's protests that it was just wrong not to be skiing on a powder day, we headed to Copper Mountain for the snowshoeing hike we'd blown off the day before. The snowshoe tour is sponsored by Redfeather and led by volunteer guides, and it's free. That's pretty amazing…"

I just got back from our annual girls ski trip to Copper Mountain. Lost on trip : Cell Phone, was eaten by the snowcat (ok, it fell out of my pocket then the snowcat got it) . Gained on trip : confidence!



Looking for inspiration?
By Dena Rosenberry(Dave Philipps) 
You should be able to find it this weekend at Copper MountainCopper's hosting the Special Olympics Colorado Winter Games for the 20th consecutive year. Competition begins at 10 am Sunday with alpine skiing, snowboarding, ...
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A blogger from Minnesota visited Copper in February -- read what he had to say...

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Nathan Borchelt visited Copper and found it to be a great family resort where the "logistics were refreshingly simple." Click the link below to read more: