Have You Been Saving Yourself?

Maybe you've been waiting for the best deal, or maybe just that holiday bonus, but you haven't booked. We're making it easier on you — a lot easier. Book Now and save up to 43% Off Lodging with an instant Unit Upgrade!

Yah. That's right. Spend up to 43% less... Cuddling afterwards? Negotiable.


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The Small Stuff

One Night Stay is equivalent to 25% Off. Valid 3/17-3/31 & 4/9-4/24.

Two Nights or More is equivalent to 25% Off plus free unit upgrade, for a total savings of up to 43% based on Gold Hotels. Valid 3/17-3/31. Unit Upgrade Bronze to Silver, Silver to Gold.  Offer only valid for Hotels, Studios, 1 bedroom, and 2 bedroom units.  Not valid for Gold to Platinum. Adult Lodging Lift Tickets (w/ Secret Pass) $69/day. Subject to availability!

Copper is making snow, along with Mother Nature's help!
Copper opens for the winter season Friday, October 31st.
Want first chair? Go to our events page for details!