Early Season with Simon Dumont

A recap of day one back on the hill for the 2012/2013 season.

Preparing for the first day of the ski season is always a challenge. No matter how many times you do it or whether you do it for a living you are always worried about forgetting something. After a morning of running around gathering up gear Simon Dumont and I headed over to Copper for one of Simon’s first days back on snow since ACL surgery 7 months ago.  After 7 months people were excited to see Simon back out there; the bus driver felt it was necessary to announce to the whole bus that they were riding with celebrity skier Simon Dumont. I felt a little left out that the bus driver did not recognize me, but hey, I’m old.

 I figured we would have a few warm-up laps considering it’s pre-season and that just seems like the natural thing to do. I was wrong. As usual the park was calling our names and we had to respond. I was very impressed with the pre-season set-up at Copper; a perfectly shaped 30-foot jump and an array of rail features that usually aren’t put up until mid-season. Just to remind ourselves that we still had it, we did couple of back flips to show-off for the people on the chairlift.  

 Skiing with Simon again put both of us back into the right mental shape that we had been craving for a year. He seemed like he had not missed a day on snow, even though he was out for 7 months. I guess that shows how hard he was working and all of the hard work is paying off for him. Not only were we out there getting back into the park but it was nice to be able to rip turns from top to bottom to get the legs burning. We skied until the sun went down, which is rare for us, but it seemed so easy when it’s sunny, you have a great park and to top it off, no lift lines. What better way to end the day than with an apres beer at Jack’s reminiscing with a best friend? Sometimes skiing for a living can get very tiring mentally and physically so it is important to have days like today to remember why you love the sport.

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