Employee Profile: Chef Jeff McGlothin

For Copper Chef Jeff McGlothin, cooking has been a lifelong journey

You might say Copper Station’s Head Chef, Jeff McGlothin stumbled upon his career, much in the same way he found his home in Colorado.

The Florida native discovered he had a natural talent for cooking when he started working in restaurants as a teen. At 20 or so, McGlothin left his home state with his then-girlfriend (now, wife) Kerry Ann to travel the East Coast by RV. As their funds began to dwindle, they turned their wheels west. A finger dropped on a map brought them first to Black Hawk and then to Idaho Springs. They moved to Georgetown shortly afterwards, where they eventually built their home and have raised two kids.

McGlothin’s career has been as circuitous as his path to Colorado. He has alternately worked in restaurants and construction over the years. His resume includes time as the owner of a construction business, the Food and Beverage Director and Executive Chef at Royal Gorge Railroad and the owner of Ed’s Café, a gourmet burger joint in Georgetown.

For most of the past decade, McGlothin has commuted from his home in Georgetown to work at Copper Mountain. These days, he’s Head Chef of Copper Station – the building at the base of the Super Bee lift in the resort’s East Village – where he oversees business at JJ’s Tavern, as well as the Grand Hall Food Court.

McGlothin has cooked all kinds of food over the years, but enjoys the flexibility of JJ’s menu, which typically serves comfort food.

“You’re not really in a box of what you have to do,” he explains. We have barbecue all the time, but sometimes we’ll have special that’s Asian or Italian or French.”

As Head Chef, McGlothin typically leaves the opportunity for creativity to his cooks.

“Frankly, I don’t do as much cooking as people would think,” McGlothin says. “A huge part of my job is running a business. It’s a very challenging, fast-paced job.”

When he’s not working, he’s likely surrounded by dogs – the family has three dogs and has fostered eight or more dogs over the past two years – or under the hood of one of his cars.

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