The Twelves Deliver the Goods

Why the Twelvee? Why not the terrain andsnow are unbelievable!

WOW!!! Powder day after powder day help Copper highlight the improvements in their high alpine terrain. Three years ago we thought the skiing could barely get better, until, well, the now starting falling in a big way in early January. I can’t think of better circumstances to introduce the Copper faithful and newcomers to the Strom King T-Bar and Celebrity Ridge Poma. Easier access and increased capacity only improves the experience on what was already great high alpine terrain. The excitement on the mountain this season has been unbelievable and why not the conditions are sick!

The increased capacity of the new Storm King T-Bar has only given more people the opportunity to experience the beauty of Spaulding Bowl. Once at the top of Spaulding Bowl you can experience mellow soul turning by traversing around to the right and from there let the grinning begin. If you want to test your ability on steeper more technical terrain drop into Cornice Chute and hug the right side along the now buried rock band, you won’t be disappointed.

One of the best improvements Copper has made to the Twelves has been the addition of the Celebrity Ridge Poma lift to access Copper Bowl and Union Peak faster and easier. If you want to experience some of the best north facing terrain in Summit County hop on the American Flyer, from there drop into Indian Ridge to the Sierra Lift and away you go. If you want to ski one of the longest north facing lines roll over to the new Celebrity Ridge Poma and traverse just to the left of the patrol hut, this will gain you access to Union Peak. Union Peak offers the best snow quality days and days after storms. It’s sheer elevation, and north facing aspect never allows direct sunlight to heat up the snow. The pome will also allow quick easy access to the west ridge of Copper Bowl where you can experience some of the best open bowl high alpine skiing. One thing for sure if you like the high alpine experience good snow and some of the best technical expert skiing, The Twelves at Copper has all you can handle and more!




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