Spring Skiing Enjoyment

Enjoy the weather by taking your time getting on the slopes!!

Spring is upon us and there is no better time to enjoy the great weather and great conditions Copper has to offer. One thing I continually hear from people this time of year is how hard or how mushy the snow was when they were out on the hill. It almost makes me cringe every time I hear a snow condition complaint. Having a great day on the slopes this time of year is not just as easy as throwing your gear on and getting on the hill as early as possible. Careful planning, and understanding a few key things about elevation, aspect, and the previous days temperatures will go a long way to helping you enjoy the great snow we have experienced this season.

First thing to consider when going skiing after a sunny warm spring day is the direction of the aspect you plan to ski first. If you must go early in the morning following a warm day, I would urge you to temper you expectations. Start on north facing aspects especially areas that do not get direct sunlight at any time of the day. Secondly I would get as high as possible. C’mon people I mean in elevation, the snow at higher elevations may not have melted enough to get a higher amount of water content that would then freeze and make the snow very hard early in the morning. Absolutely avoid south facing slopes early in the morning. Coral reef is for snorkeling not skiing.

My best advice is to take this time to enjoy some laid back ski time after the frenetic early morning powder craze we have been lavishing in all season. Sleep in, enjoy an extra cup of coffee, and have a great breakfast. Mosey on up to the hill late morning and start by skiing the sunny south facing slopes as these will soften first. Once they start to get really mushy then move on to the north facing terrain as the cooler wintery foam will be ready to carve. I would love to tell you exactly where these areas are at Copper but a little help from your IPhone compass and a trail map will help you figure out where and when to there. Remember starting later means you finish later, which means your right in the sweet spot for some deck lounging happy hour!!

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