Powder, the best recipe for Colorado Demo Days

A recap of Colorado Days at Copper, November 16-17.

You could not have asked for a better scene for Colorado demo days than what occurred this past weekend. The weather forecasters were hinting at the possibility all week, but in Colorado you just never know. The only way to be certain the snow has fallen is to wake up early in the morning, look out the window, and then….check the snow stake cam.  Well Ullr delivered as five inches were on the stake Saturday and another eight inches fell overnight for Sunday morning, creating the perfect conditions and atmosphere to try out some of this season’s new line of skis and snowboards from our own local Colorado companies.

There are very few experiences like approaching the ski slopes on mornings when there is new snow on the ground, and for whatever reason the energy and attitude of all is at a heightened level of excitement. This past weekend was no different as the village was buzzing both mornings with frenetic snow lovers bustling to the lifts with their snow sliding implements of choice.  Burning stones plaza was full of tents and ski racks full of this year’s new ski and snowboard lines ready to carve up the fresh soft snow. Riding the lifts and surveying skiers and riders, several manufacturer names seemed to make the grade. Skis and boards from Meier, Liberty, Rocky Mountain Underground and Never Summer all got rave reviews for their performance, versatility, and sheer fun factor. One resonating theme was - Why not trust Colorado companies to produce durable, responsive, fun boards for our diverse and challenging Colorado ski terrain? Whether you enjoy sliding the in-bounds terrain or would rather venture off-piste into the backcountry, there were skis and boards to test and experience for whatever your fancy might be. Oh yeah, this just in, fat skis are sick!

Whether it was the snow, the demos, the great coverage or the impending season, the energy and atmosphere was awesome all weekend at Copper. On the lifts or at the après location of choice, the conversation flowed to the great early season snow conditions.  Riding the Excelerator lift, watching the wind rip across Spaulding Ridge loading snow into Spaulding Bowl brought a certain understanding to the excitement and anticipation for the 2013-2014 season at Copper Mountain.

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