Joshua Stock (Ice Coast transplant and terrain park "regular") gets a taste for surfing the earth.

I have a very distinct memory as an 8-year-old boy in Pennsylvania riding along in the car listening to the Ramone's song "Beat on the Brat" and singing along with my mother and four brothers. I remember thinking, "I wonder if anyone else's mom loves the Ramones."

I remember tearing off the Christmas paper on my first skateboard. It had a drawing of Alf skating on top of a globe. I was about 8 years old, and at the time, it was the best gift I had ever received, because I was now part of the cool kid club that my older brothers had represented for years.

I remember a particular day in my college years working at a Pennsylvania ski resort after a big ice storm where two inches of ice (with a painfully spiky, ice-barb top layer) had coated the entire resort. I remember thinking, "I need to aim for the rail when I fall, because it's far less painful than falling on the snow. I wonder if snowboarders in other places ride like this."

I live at Copper Mountain now. I ride park as often as I can. It reminds me of skateboarding. I wear my jeans. I still listen to the Ramones...almost daily.

It has been a change of pace, but I've discovered how much I love to ride powder (after years of poking fun at my backcountry friends). 

Copper is a hidden gem! After a fresh snow, you can find pow stashes the next day and the next week and even two weeks after the original storm. 

It's unbelievable! If I were you I wouldn't believe me. You should stay right where you are, riding tracked-out tree runs or hanging out in the park on pow days.


I'll be here at Copper finding pow stashes and laughing to my jeans.

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