Home from Travels to COPPER'S PERFECT PARK!

Joshua Stock here again. It has been quite the busy traveling season for me.

I bought an RV in December. The next week, I junked it. Long story, but lesson learned. So, I bought a van and immediately left on a 6-week roadtrip, taking my wife and 11-month-old baby and a couple friends 10,000 miles around the country. We ran a half dozen shred camps and conferences with our non-profit organization, and in nearly every location, the snow was minimal and the conditions were frigid.

Meanwhile, Copper was getting dumped on. My friends sent me pictures to rub it in. Ugh, some friends...

When I returned from that trip, I worked the tradeshow in Denver while Copper got hammered with more snow.

Directly after that, I left for a week of running a conference in Canada where there was no snow and no park. And yes ,once again, while I was away Copper got more snow followed by glorious, sunny park days. And again, my so called "friends" sent me pictures.

Three days after returning from Canada, I left for 2 1/2 weeks in Europe. We ran camps and conferences in Slovenia where the weather was foggy and the park was closed. 

Then a week in Austria where they had one of the worst snow seasons in years.

And during that time, guess what? You guessed it...Copper got snow and beautifully sunny park days (of which my friends once again kindly informed me).

WELL, NOW I'M FINALLY HOME, and I gladly rolled through Copper's park the other day with my "friend" Adam (after another big snow storm two days prior), and I WAS BLOWN AWAY!


Most features have transition built up on the sides, making them easy to hit from multiple angles (this means MAXIMUM potential for CREATIVE SHREDDING).

It's a shred kid's playground out there right now.

I am "head-over-heels" happy to be home and shredding the BEST PARK IN THE WORLD!

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