Joshua Stock

Guest Blogger

Joshua Stock and his wife "VALuable" moved from beautifully overcast Western Pennsylvania to Summit County in December 2004.  "Good riddance to the gray ceiling," Josh says. They now live at sunny Copper Mountain with their new daughter Cambria.  

Josh travels often and runs a non-profit organization in the shred industry called Snowboarders and Skiers for Christ and also rides for ZION Snowboards, VANS Boots, Kreed Eyewear, BurnStreet Outerwear, Zany Earth (and a few more companies at any given time throughout the year).  

 Josh says, "I'm just a character who enjoys creativity, finding weird new lines, chucking huge hangouts with my dudes on the hill and coaching other shred kids."

 Find Josh regularly cruising or hanging out in Woodward Copper's park and spin some laps.