Tomato Battle: The Aftermath

Ever wondered what it'd be like to throw 300,000lbs of past-ripe tomatoes at your friends and 2,000 complete strangers? Dive in to the Tomato Battle Aftermath for all the juicy details!

On June 25th, 2011 commenced battle of awesome proportions that left Copper Mountain splattered red. It began like any other gorgeous day in the mountains of Summit County, Colorado. The sun was shining, the rivers were rushing, and the cyclists were a-cycling. On this particular day however; 2,000 people showed up ready to huck 300,000lbs of past-ripe tomatoes at their friends and closest neighbors.

tb1 (tb1)

Tensions ran high as everyone surrounded the pyramid of red-bombs. Then without warning or an official start, it was on! Everyone rushed to the center of the circle, grabbing as many tomatoes as was possibly possible. Some warriors (this guy) found their fight in the center of the circle. (At this close range, a scuba-mask, a trusty snorkel, and your favorite pair of jean-shorts are all that is necessary.) Others retreated to the perimeter and made it rain tomatoes.

tb2 (tb2)


tb3 (tb3)

In little time, the pile was reduced to a thick and pulpy soup, in some areas almost 1’ deep. It was difficult to avoid slipping and at one point I saw a few girls making tomato-angles in the thick-of-it! After the bulk of ammunition had been transformed to juicy-soup, things calmed down a bit and everyone was hosed-down, left to enjoy the live-music and their beers in the sun.

tb4 (tb4)

(Pointing out a nice welt)

Though I’m still finding tomato seeds in funny places and don’t plan on eating raw tomato for a while, it was a great event & I hope everyone else had as much fun as I did!

Also, a shout out to Emily Schmutz for the great photos. Thanks! Check out her blog post for more!

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