The W in Wednesday Stands for Women

A day in the life of a Women's Wednesday's participant. No, there was no table dancing.

Wednesday seems to be a key night in the bar scene, filled with such titles as ladies night or women’s Wednesdays. Maybe it’s the fact that we can enjoy a drink cheaply following, or just the simple pleasure of a basic alliteration, but Copper Mountain, too partakes in the tradition of Women’s Wednesdays.


Women’s Wednesdays is a program through Copper’s Ski and Ride School in which women of all ages and levels get together and ride with a similar ability group. It gives the women a chance to let loose and not worry about keeping up (or sometimes waiting) for their usual posse.

I had the experience of being able to go out with these wonderful women and see what it was all about. The day started out with some early morning coffee and discussion with the 10 plus instructors and coordinators that keep the program running year after year.

women's wednesdays instructors (picturewithconversions1)

(Some of the snowboard instructors hanging at the base.)

With camera in hand, I took to the slopes with the 40 some participants. The weather was perfect. We had recently received a few inches of the soft stuff and the sun was finally beginning to break through. The organization of the groups was impressive, but of course, most of these women have spent plenty of Wednesdays in the program. The eagerness to get on the mountain was prevalent and after deciding on which group I would join first, the female party boarded the Flyer.

women's wednesdays learning (picturewithconversions2)

(An instructor tells the ladies what they are about to do.)

women's wednesdays shred (picturewithconversions3)

(Cruising some day after snow below Alpine Lift.)

As I went from group to group, I quickly realized how different the members of the groups and abilities varied. One group worked on making aggressive post-pow turns while another learned about proper pole planting while yet another was out to just have fun and check out the slopes.

women's wednesdays snowboard (picturewithconversions4)

(An instructor and snowboarder ride down Main Vein.)

It was really wonderful learning and experiencing the program. It still surprises me that more programs like these don’t exist, but I am proud to say they do at Copper. Women’s Wednesdays are as fun, progressive, informational, and all around enlightening as a ski adventure can be. 

For more information on the Women's Wednesday program, Follow this link!

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