The Making of an Oscar Worthy Short Film

It's not every day that management goes, "So... what's the weirdest way we can promote giving away a 1980 Fiesta?" Fortunately for us, we had that chance.

It went down like this. We had a meeting. A very secret meeting. Some of the things discussed will hopefully never leave that room. All taste and decency was left at the door when we sat down that day. Discussions of VW bugs, Oprah, Texas Cheerleaders, and a particular scene about two cowboys and shared affection. What came from it was a video extravaganza with a subliminal inappropriateness fit for prime-time TV. 

storyboard (storyboard)

We left the room with a script and a story board. After getting all the details set the idea was launched into reality. We figured out the max weight capacity for the ice rink, and green face paint was purchased. Turns out, you need to be careful when putting a Zamboni, Trans-Am, Fiesta, and film crew together on a frozen lake. 

untitled-3 (untitled-3)
(Spot the human!)

You may think that it's easy to find a man with nice teeth, a Mexican accent and a mustache that rivals Tom Selleck. Well, it's not. Nor is it easy to come up with a deep voiced man beast worthy of speaking for a powder blue Trans-Am. The Copper Mountain marketing team is fortunate to have access to both of these exceptional manly men via Zach, our web guy, who just happens to be the Trans-Am. 

untitled-2 (untitled-2) 
z_8 (z_8) 

With the talents of our video guy, Forrest Miller, and hours/seconds/days of editing, we were left with a Masterpiece. Now the video is delicately placed on Youtube like a painting by Ruby (the painting elephant) amongst fifth grade art projects. 

So sit back, relax, and learn about the Fiesta and Trans-Am's magical, mythical journey. 

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