Sunsation is Sunsational

Sunsation is all about fun, but there is a bit more to it than free shows and spring skiing.

Sunsation is a yearly spring extravaganza here at Copper. With another one coming soon, I figured I’d give you a little info as to how it’s planned, and all the things we do to make it the best spring adventure around.

Of course, what everyone talks about is the bands. This year we are bringing you Quiet Riot, The Samples, The Gin Blossoms, more acts, and a paid for show from MiMosa. Why these bands you ask? Well, A LOT goes into this process. First, we need to figure out who is going to be in the area around the time we want, and who isn’t already playing on said dates. We can’t exactly fly a band out from France; that doesn’t really make sense. So after we get all that figured out, it comes down to finding acts that everyone will enjoy and that we can have play a free show for everyone to enjoy. We get that a lot of people would love to certain acts, but hey, there are kids around. We also look at entertainment value. Everyone’s opinions differ here, but the fact of the matter is the majority of the population tends to like a band; a band that, regardless of the music, is fun to watch.

sunsation_2010-18 (sunsation_2010-18)

This brings us back to our headlining bands. If you haven’t turned up the stereo to Quiet Riot on your way to a party—well, maybe it’s time you do that. They’re a band full of hair and awesome and we couldn’t be more thrilled to add such a fun show to our lineup. The Gin Blossoms are the band that you might not recognize the name just yet, but it’s pretty much guaranteed you will be singing along to a handful of one of their greatest hits. Did I mention they have a greatest hits album? The Samples bring some Colorado joy and love to the masses and add even more variety to our lineup sound.  Then the night time show of MiMosa is sure to be a party.

1976_games-15 (1976_games-15)

The bands are important, but there is plenty more going on to add to the 2 weekend festival!We will have events both weekends starting April 16th with the College games and the Red Bull 1976 games. The second and final weekend we will have our annual Easter Egg Hunt. On top of this there will be plenty more going on. We are in the process of making sure there are events every weekend for every age.

For more information about Sunsation, make sure to check out the website!

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