A Higher Point

Four people are better than two… most of the time. It is with this thought that we announce the replacement of the current High Point two person fixed-grip lift with a high speed quad. That’s right; Union Creek will soon have a lovely faster lift for your mid-mountain, Catalyst terrain park, easy cruising needs. Yes, Catalyst is included because we will also be cutting a new trail at the bottom of Catalyst for easy access to the bottom of the new High Point Lift!

High Point Lift (screen-shot-2011-02-15-at-10-53)

The upgrade is in conjunction with our continued efforts for improvement. Not only will this be a huge upgrade to Union Creek, it will be a massive milestone for the improvement of our terrain parks. We consistently rank well in the terrain park world, but we have been lacking one major thing, a park lift. The replacement lift will serve this need.

High Point powder (screen-shot-2011-02-15-at-10-531)

To top it off, we are expanding our terrain park crew. We are currently hiring for 4 more terrain park positions as well as a 5th night groomer position. This will allow for better grooming, more features, and a faster progression for those utilizing the features.

Catalyst (img_8262)

Want to know more? Check out the press release and then leave some comments and let us know what you think!

Interested in joining the park crew?! Check out the listings here

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