Copper's One Car Parade

What says great snow and good times more than a souped up trans am with a snow plow, towing a Fiesta?

How do we stand out as a resort in Summit County, Colorado?  That's the question we ask ourselves every year.  Every year the answer starts with humor and a personal touch.  For three years now, we've been trying to spread the word that everyone needs a Snow Day. Who better to get that message across than Ski Patrol?  Ski Patrol gets 100's of Snow Days a year, so if anyone knows about snow days, it's the guys and gals on hill keeping us safe.  So each year we head out to some of our favorite destinations to reach out to our loyal fans and remind them that they deserve the fun of a Snow Day.  Usually this involves a plane ticket, rental car, and the hustle and bustle of a couple airports.  This year we thought, what if we brought a parade with us wherever we go?  Genius! Then we thought, what if we put a plow on the front of a 1979 Trans Am and have that pull our parade float of a 1980 Fiesta?  More Genius!

itsaparade (itsaparade)

Then we thought, what are we going to do with the Fiesta at the end of the year?  Inspiration struck, lets give it away at our year end fiesta, Sunsation.  And that folks, is how we came up with the One Car Parade!  Since that day, we've taken our parade all over this great country.  Starting in Austin, where we shot our commercial we titled "Science and Nature". 

We hit up the Frisco Community Parade in, you guessed it, Frisco, TX.

FriscoParade (friscoparade)

Hung out with the guys at St. Bernard Sports (almost got the Fiesta in their shop, missed it by a couple inches).

stB2 (stb2)

Tailgated with Texas fans.

texasgame (texasgame)

We then took off for Dallas again and hit up St.Bernard Sports.

dallas1 (dallas1)

From there, we made our way north to Kansas City. 

KC1 (kc1)

Starting to feel a little road worn and weary, we hopped in our cars and headed up to Chicago to see one of the biggest parades around, the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

chicago1 (chicago1)

Finally, we were ready to bring the parade back home, with a quick stop in Denver to visit our friends the Colorado Avalanche.  It's amazing how well the Trans Am handles on the ice.

Avs1 (avs1)

Right before we left town, we stopped by Channel 4 to talk about the Snow Day Pass. 

channel4 (channel4)

It was finally time for this parade to wrap up.  The cars are now parked in burning stones plaza for all to see.  You can even see the cars live on our new HD webcam.  We hope the parade has brought as much of a smile to your face as it has to ours.  And don't forget you can sign up to win this 40 horse power beast

kc2 (kc2)


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