Our 40th Season; Though the Lens

We review the 2012/13 season through the lens and recap the moments that made it another awesome year!

My role at Copper is to capture important moments as they unfold and portray the essence of the mountain through images and video. This year marked Copper's 40th season and as it comes to an end and I begin to catalog a years worth of images I thought it would be fun to share my favorites and the stories behind them. 

First Snow of the Season


The morning of September 17th I woke early to a dusting of snow on my porch. Knowing that the higher elevations probably received a lot more snow I called Mike Looney, our snowmaking manager and we headed up the mountain road for a better view. The contrast between the deep greens and bright whites mixed with the low clouds and changing aspen made for a dramatic effect. 


The First US Resort to Make Snow

Snow gun 10.2.12

As the colder temperatures began to move in at the end of September, the possibility of making snow became a reality. In the early hours of October 2nd I received a call again from Mike Looney that the guns were on. We drove up the mountain in darkness and as the sun rose over the mountain there was a beautiful blanket of white, securing our spot as the first US resort to make snow for the season. 


Opening Day

Opening day smiles

With a strong month of snowmaking we were more than prepared for opening day on November 2nd. The day was filled with fun turns smiling faces. 


The First Superpipe in the World

Superpipe Opening

Every season at Copper we strive to have the first 22' superpipe open in the country, this season we were the first in the world. On the morning of November 30th the who's who of international superpipe athletes were standing on top of the pipe waiting for their chance to start their seasons. Simon Dumont is pictured here. 


Copper's 40th Anniversary Weekend


On December 8th Copper celebrated it's 40th anniversary. It was a weekend filled with constumes, flash mobs, and retro music. Pictured above is my favorite moment of the dance-off, that guy deserved the win.  


Christmas Eve En Fuego

Christmas Eve En Fuego

The return on the torchlight parade to En Fuego was welcomed by all, and it's still one of my favorite things to photograph at the resort. There is also a video of the evenings festivities.


Sprint US Grand Prix 

Grand Prix  

This year the Sprint U.S. Grand Prix was the first domestic qualifier for the 2014 winter olympic games and the most talented athletes in the world were all there to prove themselves. Chas Guldemond, pictured above, came out on top in slopestyle this year. 


Copper Sunset

Copper Sunset February

As many years as I live here I never seise to be impressed by the natural beauty of the mountain. This was a sunset captured one evening in February this season. 


En Fuego


As a photographer, i am consumed by the relationship between light, time, and motion, so fire is one of the most challenging but rewarding subjects to photograph. The Cosmic Fire Dancers have been a staple of our En Fuego events for years and they never disapoint. 


Mad Powder March 

March Powder

With 61 inches, March proved to be a virtuous month for snow. This image was captured on Union Peak with plenty of fresh snow under a bluebird sky. 


Eenie Weenie Bikini Contest

Eenie Weenie

For our 40th season we decided to bring back an old favorite; the Eenie Weenie Bikini Contest. Needless to say, it was a hit. 




Closing weekend is always a blast, but when you add 13 inches of snow for closing day it couldn't possibly get any better. Pictured above is the village filled during the Matt and Kim concert on Saturday.


It's Not Over Yet


With so much snow at the end of the season it's tough to think about summer right now, but it's approaching quickly. If you thought Copper was only a winter retreat, think again. We have a growing list of summer events that you won't want to miss! 




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