So Gnar Makes a Stop at Copper

The So-Gnar Shred Circuit Contest Series swung by on Saturday November 10th. The fun, relaxed atmosphere, some fresh snow and a sweet couch feature made for an awesome afternoon.

When’s the last time you saw someone 50-50 a couch?

Sure, your typical rail jam competition features rails, wall rides, and a jump or two. But a couch?




Woodward at Copper hosted the So Gnar crew on Saturday November 10th for the first stop of their traveling series: The So-Gnar Shred Circuit.  This season, So-Gnar is swinging by 13 different locations to host a creative amateur contest.  In many of the locations, they also host a day snowboard camp to help competitors get ready for the competition.

“''The Shred Circuit is all about having 100% fun while snowboarding''” says founder and professional snowboarder Pat Milbery. “''We have been hosting community based snowboard camps for the past 6 years at resorts all over the country and the world. We have noticed the absence of creative, good energy through large groups of kids snowboarding together, and the So-Gnar Shred Circuit is helping bring snowboarders together in a laid back, everyday session style format, which is naturally why we all started snowboarding in the first place.''”


Good energy is definitely the way to describe the atmosphere the So-Gnar Shred Circuit created at Copper on Saturday. I took a seat at the top of the hill where the competitors waited their turn to drop into the course and while I expected some tense feelings, I couldn’t have been more wrong. There was nothing but laughter and jokes as competitors strapped in and chatted about their last run while watching and cheering on their opponents.  

As I sit here and try to describe what the overall feeling was like, maybe I need to take the hint. The passion to compete and desire to have fun was married perfectly over a retro orange couch.




If you missed this stop on the So-Gnar circuit, be sure to check out the competition on December 1st down the road at Loveland Ski Area. For a full photo recap including awards, check out So-Gnar’s site here. Keep up with So-Gnar and the latest updates on the Circuit through their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Next on tap for Woodward at Copper is the 12th Annual Yam Jam Rail Jam! It’s happening on Saturday the 24th in Lower Bouncer Park. It's the perfect way to work off that Thanksgiving dinner. This year it will take place at night under the lights! Email to register to compete, registration cost is $10.

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