Rippin’ the Corduroy With The U.S. Ski Team

About 200 lucky Copper Mountain passholders and guests got the chance to hit the hill with the U.S. Ski Team on October 31st. With the incredible snow conditions and perfect weather, can you say awesome day?

The formula for the day couldn’t have been crafted more perfectly.  Here’s what went down on Wednesday:  About 200 Copper Mountain passholders and special guests had the chance to ski or ride with the U.S. Ski Team, many had their first day back on the hill this season and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. This must have been the reason for the smiles and laughter witnessed all day long.



U.S. Ski Team member Michael Ankeny at the top of the Speed Center with a group of excited VIPs (Tom Kelly, USSA)

The excitement was infectious as guests started coming in for registration around 9am. As they checked in, you couldn’t help but smile and laugh with them as they told us how excited they were and how lucky they felt to have this opportunity.

 Guest credentials that our winners received at registration to get them up onto the lift

After an introduction of the team and a safety briefing, everyone headed out to the Super Bee lift and began the trip up the hill. Each group of about 20 guests was paired up with a member of the U.S. Ski Team and they made various stops along the way of the Speed Center, made up of the trails Andy’s Encore and Rosi’s Run. Each team member explained their perspective as a racers and what goes down at different areas of the course.  “My favorite part was learning about their strategy,” one guest explained. “I’ve always wondered what goes through a skiers head when they’re competing.” Another winner, David Culbertson, explained that his favorite part was the perspective. “I was a ski racer when I was young so it’s interesting to hear what the racers now have to say. The technology has advanced but a lot of the information is the same.” 

 U.S. Ski Team member Will Brandenburg filling in one of the VIP groups on the course

After the tours were complete, everyone had the chance to do some free skiing or riding on the course. With the sun shining down, a toasty temperature of 55 degrees and prime snow conditions, there were hoots and hollers a plenty. Team members were taking a few runs themselves so guests had the opportunity to get one-on-one with them. "Skiing with US National Ski Team members, riding up the chair lift with them, getting ski tips and hearing behind-the-scenes stories, combined to produce a once-in-a-lifetime experience" explained winner Lance Secretan.

Winner Lance Secretan with U.S. Ski Team member Anna Marno (Lance Secretan)

After Super Bee stopped spinning for the day, everyone recuperate from their laps with a delicious lunch and sun bathing on the patio of JJ’s. As laughter filled the air, the feeling seemed mutual: it was a fantastic day. “We had a great time!  It was an amazing opportunity to spend some time with our U.S. Ski Team” said Jeff and Kathy Werbick. “Hats off to the whole Copper Mountain crew and the U.S. Ski Team for all the hard work,” winner Tom Borrelli explained.

 Winners and their guests had the chance to pose on our podium. This one’s our favorite. Find them all here.

With the event being such a great success, we couldn’t imagine a better kick off to the 2012/2013 season. Thanks a million to all our guests, staff, the U.S. Ski Team, volunteers, snowmakers, maintenance crew and everyone else who made this VIP Preview not only a reality but a huge hit in the early season. 

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