Kickin' It In the Barn

Featuring 6 Olympic grade Flybed trampolines, 3 foam pits and 6,200 feet of Snowflex plus so much more, the Woodward at Copper Barn is a magical place. Woodward at Copper is now offering the Woodward Pass, a season pass that gets you unlimited access to all that the Barn has to offer. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

Have you ever been asked “do you think you live in a barn?!” Well, when it comes to the Woodward at Copper Barn, it is completely acceptable to respond with “absolutely I do!”

Minus the cows and pigs, although we can’t promise anything, The Woodward at Copper Barn has got some real cool stuff going on. I mean, they always do since it is the raddest place on the planet, but especially this year. Earlier this summer, they added a huge 14’ x 14’ trampoline coined the “Super Tramp”, held their first ever SUMMER rail jam (yes, with real snow during the summer), and drum roll please… launched their first-ever season pass, the Woodward Pass! This incredible deal gets you in the Barn whenever and however you want all season long with the exception of a few blackout dates. What more could you want? You can practice that double cork over and over again till your legs can’t practice no more.

Practicing on the Trampolines

I had the opportunity to get into The Barn for my first time this week to take part in their Intro Session. The Intro Session is an hour and 45 minutes session jam-packed with everything that Woodward at Copper has to offer and how to use all its sick elements safely. It is a required session for everyone who is new to The Barn. The session provides a progression from tumbling on the spring floor to mastering simple spins and tricks on the trampolines and then sending them into the foam pits. The last but not least step is to learn to ride or ski the Snowflex material and only if you’re ready, hit jumps into foam pits. 

Woodward at Copper has an incredibly talented and qualified team of coaches that are willing to take anyone of any skill level up a notch and have a blast doing it. Tons of encouragement is given every step of the way as you’re given a crash course on all that is tricks, flips and safety. All leading up to the big jump from the 35 foot drop-in!  Now, I’ll tell you that you would never find me in the park on the mountain but I can proudly say I mustered up the courage to make my way down the Snowflex, off the jump and into the big ole foam pit. And it was SO MUCH FUN!

Looking down Snowflex jumps

Whether you’re a park rat looking to perfect your killer trick arsenal or someone who may be newer to skiing and riding looking for a unique and fun experience, Woodward at Copper has something to offer for everyone.  Not only is it one of two facilities of its kind in the nation, it provides a whole new experience that’s not only exhilarating but rewarding and fun.  And hey, you never know.. with the comfortable, open learning environment the coaches and fellow riders create, there’s a very good chance you’ll fall in love with the Barn and all it’s crazy animals and want to come back again and again. Okay, okay.. I’ll tell you where you can buy the pass already.

The Woodward Pass is available for ultra rad price of $249.99 while supplies last.  Click here to order it online. For the full rundown on all that Woodward at Copper has to offer, check out their website.

See you there this season! Leave your pitchforks at home, you won’t need ‘em.


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