An Ode to Copper Mountain

by Mikaela Ruland

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As ski season draws to a close  (sniff!) And camping and climbing seasons fast approach, I want to take a minute to celebrate my favorite ski area.

Copper Mountain has been the terrain under my skis since I was two years old. It was here that I skied my first run, conquered my fear of skiing without leashes, learned to ski moguls, did my first Jager shot and skied backcountry for the first time.

While I’ve skied many other resorts in Colorado, and hope to experience many more, Copper will forever have my heart.

Here’s why:

1. The mountain has all levels of terrain EASILY accessible from anywhere

Unlike some Colorado ski areas *cough* Winter Park *cough* Copper has everything from greens to double diamonds, easily accessible from anywhere on the mountain. Painful catwalks and multiple chairlifts aren’t necessary to access your favorite runs.

2. There’s still so much relatively hidden terrain

Even on the busiest of weekends, you can head to Resolution Bowl or A-Lift and find abandoned runs and lonely chairlift operators.

3. Plenty of sunny and sheltered terrain

On those cold mornings, or blustery days, the back side of the mountain offers sun, and sheltered chairs like Timberline offer a break from the wind.

4. Views for days!

You can access postcard worthy views from the top of the main lifts and if you’re willing to go into the bowls, you’ll experience the MOST breathtaking views

5. Despite being corporate, it’s still got a homey vibe

Sack lunches still come first at Solitude Station, the same guy’s been running Flyers Soup Shack for seasons and JJ’s patio still feels, somehow, like a gem.

6. Easy access

While i70 is NEVER fun at rush hour, Copper is easily accessed without having to navigate a pass. It’s shuttle system also deposits you right at the base of the mountain, minimal walking in ski boots involved.

Skiing Copper is being #RaisedOnColorado

Thanks for another great season!


All pictures from this season:

Stormy day

My dad, waiting for the lift to open

Pre first-tracks

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