Ah... Sie Vanderlust

Alive. Zen. Balance. These are just a few of the feelings we were left with after the second annual Wanderlust Festival.

Wanderlust [wan·der·lust] noun

a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about.

 Inspired. Enlightened. Zen.

Wanderlust was nothing short of a transformation here at Copper Mountain. Sunday the load-in began and immediately our quiet little village, normally full of families and vacationers, became a wonder of yogis and incense filled spaces lit with candles and hung with tapestries. There were so many people converging on our village that the set-up seemed to happen over night. Here they were – Wanderlust Festival.

Thursday, when the festival began, there was a buzz around the village, “Have you been to this tent”” “Are you going to Quixotic tonight?” “What classes are you signed up for?” Everyone was curious if they were missing out on an event because there was so much to take in. The giant white d'Om took command over Burning Stones Plaza with live music and shopping. Food and drink vendors were strewn about the village with all sorts of treats to try out; there was no shortage of things to see. Henna artists decorated fresh skin, Toyota entertained the masses with tons of DIY crafts, and retailers sold handmade goods and clothes. As the weekend went on there was something for everyone here in the village and there was definitely someone from every walk of life represented as well. Yogis, slackliners, acrobats, performers, children, families, couples and single pioneers all roamed the commons together discovering new passions and routes to enlightenment. Sunday was the perfect, quiet closure to a wonderful weekend. An acoustic set from Moby left everyone with the wonder that is Wanderlust, and the desire to travel out into the world with intention and good karma. 


Hula Hoop

Face painting

Moby slacklining


mountain-top yoga

Stand up paddle board yoga

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