The Newest Speed Demon

Without further ado, Copper Mountain presents the new Union Creek high speed quad. Hold on to your snow pants, the new Union Creek lift is ready to take you to the top. Check out the footage of its progress and Copper's first snow fall!!

 union-creek-lift (union-creek-lift)

There are two situations where people start getting cold on the slopes: waiting in lines and sitting on the chairlift for too long. Thankfully, with the new Union Creek high speed quad we say ADIOS to long lines and cold bums. So hold on to your snow pants, the new Union Creek high speed lift is ready to take you to the top.

This past summer we said farewell to High Point lift, aka H lift. A sad but extremely sweet feeling swept over Copper as we gladly welcomed the brand-spanking new Union Creek high speed quad.  With many memories on High Point lift, we hope getting you to the top will allow you to create even more awesome runs.  “We wanted to create a wonderful family experience for everyone visiting Copper Mountain Resort,” says Bruce Hodson, Director of Operations.  

The new high speed quad lift moves twice the amount of people, twice as fast.  The average chair lift ride on High Point for two people was around ten to twelve minutes. Union Creek is kicking it up a notch by taking four people up the hill in five minutes and twenty-two seconds.  Not too shabby, right?

With the expansion of the West Village Parking Lot in 2010, guests can easily get to Union Creek and enjoy the new trails, Snow Deal and Bridge Way. "We also increased the quality of snow conditions and with our new snowmaking guns,” said Hodson.  The new trails will separate terrain park enthusiasts and beginner level skiers and snowboarders to have an overall better experience on the mountain.  Snow Deal and Bridge Way will also allow additional access to homeowners and renters.  The new lift is east of its original position, allowing more space around the Kokomo lift.

Above is a sped-up version of footage taken of the chairs being installed at the bottom terminal and our first snow fall! To give you an idea, operations have to assemble a carrier and then install it on line one at a time. Altogether, that’s 104 carriers taking 30 minutes per carrier at 20 carriers per day for 5 days straight.  The Union Creek Cafeteria outdoor seating and eating area also received a facelift this summer. The construction will be finished before the Opening Day, November 4th 2011. 

Union Creek lift will be the fastest way to access the Timberline Express lift. Of course, the Secret Pass is the best way to beat the lines. Guest can still sign-up for lessons at the Ski and Ride School at Union Creek. It also will give guests access to some amazing tree runs; a well-known secret from Summit County locals.

Check out our long-term master plan here.

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