Faces of Copper : Mooie Davis, Weather Reporting

Faces Of Copper showcases different employees from around the resort, giving you an inside look at the people behind the service. The third video in the series follows ski patroller and weather reporter, Mooie Davis, as he takes us through his typical day at Copper Mountain Resort.

Faces of Copper : Mooie Davis, Weather Reporting

 faces-of-copper-mooie-davis-ski-patrol (faces-of-copper-mooie-davis-ski-patrol)

Ski patroller, Mooie Davis, is Copper’s snow… man. Mooie, also known by his actual name, Jeff Davis, is a part of the Copper’s weather reporting team within ski patrol. He’s the guy everyone loves when four inches of fresh fall at Copper and activates the Snow Day Pass. He’s also the guy that everyone hates when it only snows 3 ½ inches.  While most of us are still asleep in our comfy beds, Mooie’s trekking up the hill at 4:30am in the pitch black on his snowmobile to check out if Brother Nature has been generous overnight. Check out this quick video to see the day in the life of ski patrol’s weather reporting team and everything that goes into bringing you a Snow Day.



Mooie and our handy-dandy Snow Stake Cam keep us honest. No number fudging here. So the next time you are enjoying a Copper Mountain Snow Day, remember to thank Mooie and everyone else on the weather reporting team for making it official. Copper has characters; Mooie is just one face that you will see that make up this awesome mountain. Click here to view our current job openings.

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