Faces of Copper: Lift Operator, Adam Reszenski

Faces Of Copper showcases different employees from around the resort, giving you an inside look at the people behind the service. The second video in the series follows lift operator, Adam Reszenski, as he takes us through a typical day at Copper Mountain Resort.

Faces of Copper: Lift Operator, Adam Reszenski


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Adam Reszenski couldn’t get enough at Copper Mountain. Returning for his second year in Lift Operations, Copper was happy to welcome back Reszenski for another season in pow-adise. When Adam isn’t taking you to the top, he’s getting in those sweet early powder runs that most people can only dream about. Fresh tracks and bro-mances are just a couple of the extra perks that come along with being in Lift Ops at Copper. Here’s his perspective on his life at Copper.



You come for one season but stay for five. Copper has that affect its employees. It’s tough to leave such an incredible place. Copper has characters; Reszenski is just one face that you will see that make up this awesome mountain. Click here to view our current job openings.




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