Faces of Copper: Gabby Leibbrandt

Kick back and relax as we give you a glimpse of day in the life of Food & Beverage with Gabby Leibbrandt, cashier extraordinaire and weird face artist. Enjoy our mini series of all the faces that make up this amazing place we call Copper Mountain.

Faces of Copper: Food & Beverage

Copper has some characters. Meet Gabrielle Leibbrandt. You can call her Gabby (only her granny calls her Gabrielle).  Living near the coast most of her life, Gabby wanted to “try out the mountains” and what better place than in Colorado.


Gabby (img_8312)


After college, the 23-year-old decided to trade in her bikini for a pair of snowpants. So she sent in her job application online to Copper Mountain for the Cashier Foreman position within Food and Beverage.  In just a couple weeks, Copper gave her a ring to give her the good news. Totally pumped, she started packing her bags to head out West. Leibbrandt was Copper bound. Here’s her perspective on her life at Copper. 



When she isn’t collecting checks or getting awkward strip-teases from customers that are trying to find their wallet, Gabby is expanding her shreducation. Being new to the slopes, she has fallen hard for the mountain, figuratively speaking. She’s in love. Some might even call her a shredophile. Copper has characters alright. Leibbrandt is just one face that you will see that make up this awesome mountain. Click here to view our current job openings.

*shredophile-(n) someone who is addicted to snowboarding or skiing.  


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