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We understand that the only way to keep getting those fresh tracks is stop leaving our carbon footprint behind.Copper Environment Fund gives $32,900 dollars to local organizations in Summit County and the surrounding areas.

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Copper’s giving back and man does it feel good. Last month, the Copper Environmental Foundation (CEF) announced the six lucky nonprofits that are receiving funding for the 2012 grant cycle. CEF is a non-profit 501c3, dedicated to the environmental sustainability of Copper, Frisco, and the surrounding areas of Summit County. Copper understands that the only way to keep getting tdose fresh tracks is stop leaving our carbon footprint behind.

“We have a pretty awesome place and want to make sure it stays that way,” says Ben Brown, Copper’s Captain Planet and CEF President.

The Copper Environmental Foundation was started in November 2007 by Copper employees, with a long-term goal to support environmental initiatives in Summit County and the surrounding area.  Employees voluntarily contribute to the fund and all employee contributions are matched at 100% by Copper Mountain. Since 2008, Copper has given $80,000 dollars to local environmental programs. 

“It’s really important for me to continue the involvement of our employees because I feel like being close to your philanthropic investments is really important in today’s world. There are so many organizations out there to choose from and don’t you know where your money is going. But in the CEF, any person who donates can be involved in the process of fund distribution or fund scoring,” explains Brown.

This year, CEF had 12 projects to choose from but were only able to support a few of these worthy projects. “The hardest thing is turning people down because we don’t have enough money to fund every project. But it’s great to see how many amazing organization Summit County has out there,” says Brown.

Brown along with seven other board members carefully selected 6 lucky grants. Approximately $32,900 dollars were up for grabs. “The CEF is a great opportunity for people to have a direct impact on what their money is funding in their local community and be a part of the process,” says Brown. The 2011 funds were a whopping 53% increase from 2010 that raised a more-than-respectable $21,500 dollars.


Here is an overview of the 2012 CEF grant recipients:


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Keystone Science School - Education in Action

Education in Action is a four-part program designed to encourage fifth and eighth grade students to think critically, explore real-world applications of science, strengthen their connection to the community, and become civically engaged. During the four components of the program—classroom activities, outdoor experiential learning, a service learning project, and a community presentation—students will study the creation of the earth's surface and role of human impact, focusing on geological processes and watershed management.

 dillion (dillion)  

Friends of the Dillon Rangers - Youth Stewards Program

As part of its ongoing efforts to preserve our forest, Friends of the Dillon Ranger District (FDRD) is committed to offering opportunities for youngsters to engage in environmental education and outdoor stewardship activities in Summit County. Increase levels of environmental stewardship among the youth of Summit County by expanding and improving community-based educational and leadership opportunities within FDRD's volunteer program. 

 high (high)  

High Country Conservation Center - Breckenridge Recycling Center Youth Education Programs

High Country Conservation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization with a mission to promote practical solutions to waste reduction and resource conservation for our mountain community. Copper’s funding a set of educational displays that will be used for youth tours and programs at the new Breckenridge new recycling center. The recycling center will include a community garden, compost drop-off, and collection bins for traditional recycling materials and hard-to-recycle materials such as paints and electronics. The new facility will sit on nearly two acres of town-owned land and will be manned by Summit County employees

 swan (swan)  

Swan Center Outreach Inc. - Animals as Teachers, Healers & Friends

Swan Center Outreach Inc goal is to expand conscious awareness of humans and animals, through knowledge and experiential programs, for the benefit of both. The program incorporates the pasture management, irrigation, and haying as an educational program for local school kids. The curriculum would include environmental awareness, conservation practices, environmental sustainability, and equipment maintenance and operation, using traditional irrigation and haying practices while developing responsibility and valuable life skills in leadership and collaboration.

 gs_co (gs_co)  

Girl Scouts of Colorado - Environmental Overnight at Keystone Science School

Girl Scouts of Colorado is chartered by Girl Scouts of the USA, the largest leadership development organization for girls in the world. Girl Scouts build girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place. Girl Scouts of Colorado will collaborate with the Keystone Science School to offer environmental education to Girl Scouts in Summit and Lake Counties through programs at the Keystone Science School facilities. Girls will participate in a variety of environmental programs facilitated by the Science School’s staff. Specific programs have not yet been determined, but will be chosen from topics in earth science, snow science, forest ecology, aquatics ecology, & astronomy.

 sps (sps)  

Summit County Preschool - How Does Your Garden Grow?

Summit County Preschool (SCP) a non-profit that provides the community with the highest quality early education and care for children age 2 months through 5 years. SCP goals are to create a rich soil source for our garden while teaching our kids about composting, improve upon a sustainable garden that can be replicated annually, and increase student, teacher, and parent awareness of the benefits of preparing, growing, and eating locally grown food.

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