Bring on the White Noise

The snow guns are fired up and ready to roll. The faint, continuous roar of white noise at Copper Mountain reminds all of us that Opening Day, November 4th, is just around the corner.

snow-gun-spotlight (snow-gun-spotlight)

It’s that time of the year again; time to fire-up the snow guns.  Snowmaking has officially started here at Copper ... and Texas?  You heard right.  The weather forecast for Dallas, Texas and Copper Mountain Resort are identical; mostly sunny with a strong chance of snow blowing.  We are chiseling away at the days until Opening Day for the 2011 & 2012 winter season.

The Copper Ski Patrol crew has been hitting the road over the past month, blowing over 8,760 pounds of snow in the Southwest. They are truly living up to our motto -- Everyone Deserves a Snow Day. The 1990 Chevy g20 conversion van, named Van-Nessa, has brought good luck to the snow gods here at Copper and Mike Looney couldn’t be happier. Looney, the Slope Maintenance Manager, has worked here at Copper Mountain Resort for 15 years but always gets excited for the first day of snowmaking. 

 “When I heard the weather was just right, I said ‘It’s time to make some noise!’”, said Looney. To get that sweet white goodness down on the ground, weather conditions have to be around 28 degrees Fahrenheit with 100 percent humidity or 37 degrees Fahrenheit with 10 percent humidity, the dryer the air the better.

snow-guns-and-sky (snow-guns-and-sky)

It takes a certain breed of awesome for snowmaking.  To say the least Looney and his guys (and girls) have it.  “There nothing like being the first one up on the mountain when you know that 90 percent of the resort is still sleeping.  Good weather or bad weather, I love being out here,” says Looney.

As the excitement of snow enthusiasts rises to finally use that new setup or Copper Season Pass they  purchased over Labor Day weekend, sometimes we forget that  a selected few sacrifice their sleeping schedules to bring us a that glorious snow day. Looney and his crew start their day in the wee hours of the morning till the next sunrise.  “We have a morning and night crew. My average day starts at 4:30 a.m. and we switch shifts every twelve hours,” explains Looney.

Skiers and snowboarders alike will begin to religiously watch trick and big mountain riding movie parts just to get their fix to settle those winter season shakes.  The faint, continuous roar of white noise outside my office window reminds me that Opening Day, November 4th, is just around the corner.

 framed-guns (framed-guns)

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