Boxes For Days at Copper

This past Sunday, Mervin Manufacturing and Snowboy Productions invaded Woodward at Copper's Terrain Park for their Boxes For Days tour. It was a simple concept. Take normal park boxes and arrange them one after another to create an abnormal, tremendously difficult, yet ridiculously fun to ride Super-Box. Their efforts were noble but contestants were beefing left and right on this box-osaur. Remember to check out the video and photos from the event!

Boxes For Days at Copper

Mervin’s “Boxes for Days – a ridiculously fun event involving a lot of boxes!” made their stop this past Sunday at Copper Mountain. The fellas at Mervin Manufacturing teamed up with Woodward at Copper’s Terrain Park crew to take normal park boxes and arrange them one after another to create an abnormal, tremendously difficult, yet ridiculously fun to ride Super-Box.

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After making their rounds across the U.S. of A, Mervin Manufacturing arrived at Copper Mountain, Colorado. “It’s never the same event twice…it’s gonna be bananas!” says Mervin’s Global Creative Director and Co-Founder, Pete Saari. Gwen Stefani would agree – the event was straight BANANAS.

Speaking of bananas, Mervin awarded one deserving shredzilla the official Slippery Banana award for box riding skill. The twenty-six-year-old box-master, Tim Watrous (now Copper Mountain local), took first place along with a brand new Lib Tech Skate Banana. Watrous made it half way down the eighth box out of twelve boxes that formed the box-osaur. “The hardest part was just after the rainbow to the compression zone. It seemed to want to push you off the side. The easiest part was the first three boxes, it was a real smooth setup,” explains Watrous. Hands down, the sketchiest part of the setup was the whale tale to the rainbow box.

Other slip-N-sliders were given prizes out in “random displays of radness” from Mervin’s great sponsors, including Lib Tech, COAL, Arnette, Poler Stuff, and Snowboarder Magazine. Here are some photos Snowboarder Magazine took at the event. The most common trick “thrown down” was bump-to-rump combo, also known as the butt check, as many contestants struggled getting all the way to the end of the 200-foot long geometric serpent.

Check out the video to see all the slams and jams of Boxes For Days at Copper Mountain.  

“It was a ton of fun on a beautiful day. It was a pretty tough challenge; everyone wanted to see someone make it to the end,” says Tim Watrous. The impossible setup consisted of: flat to down, flat, whale tale, Rainbow, A-frame, three consecutive flats, up box, flat and finishing off with a butter box.

"With all the focus on these big exclusive events lately, we just want to show that simple, grass-roots events can be just as much, if not more fun. Anyone can enter these events, and the focus isn't just about being the best or making it on some's about having fun for a couple of hours, making friends and being stoked on snowboarding. It's that simple."                                             -Krush Kulesza, Mervin Manufacturing Global Events Manager

When we asked Watrous what makes a good Boxes For Days rider he said, “Getting up and trying again. I think everyone that was getting good distance ate it hard at least once.”  Isn’t that the truth? Thanks to everyone who came out the event. Next year we’ll give away goody-bags of humility and a small bottle of ibuprofen. Who’s in?



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