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No we aren't doing Jedi mind tricks but if you had a question to ask it's more than likely answered below. Here is where you can find frequently asked questions that seem to keep popping up about employment and employee housing.

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Employment F.A.Q.


How do I apply for a job at Copper Mountain Resort?

The job application process is all online. Click on our opportunities link and browse all available jobs or just Click Here! Resumes and cover letters are always a plus. Feel free to stop by Employee Experience to talk to our friendly recruiters to learn more info!


What if I don’t have a resume?

If you don’t have a prepared resume to attach to your online application, please use the resume builder option while completing your application. You will fill in your previous job titles, wage range, duties, dates employed, and supervisor contacts.


What is a cover letter?

A cover letter is an applicant’s opportunity to tell who they are and explain to the employer why they would be a great fit for the desired position. It is not necessary for the cover letter to be excessively long; just a concise overview of your past experience/skill set and how that will apply to the desired position.


When should I apply for Winter jobs?

The best time to apply for winter jobs at Copper Mountain is early fall. This will allow you to apply to multiple positions with the earliest winter start dates.


I worked at Copper last year; do I have to apply again?

Yes. Even though you worked for us last year, you still need to apply again. Make sure to note on your application your previous years of employment at Copper.


Does Copper employ J-1 Visa holders?

At Copper, we do employ J-1 Visa holders. If you intend to visit Copper when you get to the U.S., please be advised that we will require that your visa be valid through at least April 20th. March and early April are a very important months for us and we will need ALL staff to work through this busy time.


When does the winter season start/end?

The winter season opens in early November and will close in mid-April. Start and end dates for employment fluctuate around this time frame.


I have submitted my online application; now what?

After you have submitted your online application, it will be reviewed by the recruiting team in a timely manner. If you meet the required qualifications, your application will be forwarded to the relevant hiring manager and she/he will contact the applicants that they would like to interview.


May I contact the hiring manager personally?

Due to our privacy policy, none of our HR representatives are allowed to give out employee contact information.


I don’t have much work experience; does Copper offer entry level, seasonal positions?

Yes, Copper does offer entry level positions for seasonal work. These positions include, but are not limited to the following departments; Lift Operations, Resort Services, Food & Beverage, Base Operations, Parking, Facilities Maintenance, etc. Make sure to stay current with the employment site for all available opportunities.


What can I expect my first winter season to be like?

You’ve landed your dream ski resort job, now what? Hours may vary in the early season due to snow conditions. Be aware that our busiest times during the winter season are weekends and holidays. You will be putting in a lot of hard work during those times to ensure a positive experience for all of our guests. Overwhelmed? Don’t fret, Copper does a great job of rewarding their employees with group trips, BBQs, parties/events, and oh yeah: SKIING!!!


Does the recruiting office have a Twitter account?

Indeed we do! Follow @CopperRecruiter


How do I get in touch with a Copper Recruiter?

There are many ways to get in touch with a Copper Recruiter. First is by phone: 970.968.3060 ext. 1. Second is by email: Third is by Tweeting. Fourth is in person; stop by our Employee Experience Office in the E.D.G.E.


When do Copper’s summer operations begin?

Our winter season ends in mid-April. May is what we call “Mud Season,” thawing snow and what not. June is when we start to kick off our summer operations.


What kind of summer employment opportunities does Copper offer?

A big operation during the summer season is our golf course. Positions include inside & outside staff, maintenance, and more. Summer is also a busy time for Woodward Copper’s summer camps. Check out our employment website for additional summer Coppertunities.


Does Copper Mountain have grooming guidelines?

Well of course we do! Please see our Grooming and Appearance Standards for complete information, but here are some key pointers:

  • Dreadlocks may be allowed if they meet the above standards, but must be less than 1/2 inch in diameter and of uniform size. Dreadlocks must be clean, neat, and well-kept. Individual departments may not allow dreadlocks for safety reasons.
  • Earlobe stretching is permitted, however holes must be filled with a plug/tunnel and must be no more than 1 inch in diameter (roughly size of a quarter)
  • 2 small facial piercings are permitted – no septum rings or bars
  • Facial hair may be allowed as long as clean, groomed lines are visible and hair is neatly groomed and trimmed
  • Beards must be properly groomed and should not be greater than 3 inches in bulk; bulk is the distance that the mass of hair protrudes from the skin and no individual hair may be more than 4 inches


Housing F.A.Q.

Residents are required to open a PO Box to receive U.S. Postal service mail. The EDGE returns all mail sent to the business PO Boxes at Copper Mountain. PO Boxes can be obtained in Frisco, Colorado—a short bus ride away from Copper. When setting up the PO Box, residents may request to have them set up at Copper Mountain. Visit Employee Housing for more information.

Friend and family can send packages directly to the EDGE via UPS and Fed-Ex shipping company. The address is:

[Your Name]

0050 Beeler Place

Copper Mountain, CO 80443-3006


How much will employee housing cost me?

  • Single Rooms = $14.42/day = $432.50/month
  • Economy Single Rooms = $13.17/day = $395.00/month
  • Double/Couple Rooms = $10.92/day = $327.50/month


What method of payment should a pay my rent and with?

EDGE Employee Housing can accept all major credit cards, cash, and money orders. We recommend paying with a debit or credit card. In doing so, we can refund your security deposit onto the same card when you move-out, by far the fastest way to get your refund.


Do I have to provide a security deposit?

A security deposit is required to move in. The move in cost is broken down as follows: $150.00 security deposit (refundable at move-out), $50.00 administrative fee (non-refundable), and 2 weeks rent. See full pricing information at our housing website


How big are the rooms and what do the rooms look like?

The rooms are comparable to a dorm room. A double room has two twin beds, one desk, one chair, two night stands, and small closet with a rod and shelves. There is a private bathroom for each room. Most bathrooms have a bathtub and shower, but some may only have a shower.

Double/couple rooms vary from 151-186SF. Single rooms vary from 141-150sf. Economy single rooms vary from 121-130sf.


Do I have to have a roommate?

Priority for single rooms is determined by Copper Mountain’s Leadership Team.  Single rooms are very limited, and most residents will not receive their own rooms. If you have a friend who will be working and living at Copper Mountain this season, please let us know on your housing application and we will do our best to match you up as roommates.


Do I get my own bathroom?

Each room has its own full bathroom. If you have a roommate, you will share a bathroom with your roomate.


Does employee housing provide cleaning supplies?

Cleaning supplies such as bleach spray, glass cleaner, sponges, toilet brushes, brooms, and vacuums are all available in the housing office. You will only need your employee ID to check out cleaning supplies. Trash bags are not supplied, so you should expect to purchase those to take out your trash.


Will I have access to a kitchen?

There are three community kitchens available for resident use. If you want to cook a home-style meal, each kitchen is equipped with a stove, oven, microwave, and refrigerator. A small number of pots, pans, and dishes are available, so we recommend you bring your own.


Are there laundry machines on premises?

There are laundry rooms on 5 floors in the EDGE with multiple washers and dryers per room. The laundry machines are coin operated. Expect to pay $1.50 per load. Detergents are not available for sale in The EDGE. They are available for purchase at McCoy’s Mountain Market in Center Village or in Frisco, CO.


Is internet available?

Wireless internet is available in all units throughout the entire building. Public computers are available in the lobby. Bandwidth is limited, so you may experience difficulty during times of peak use.  Should you require your own personal bandwidth, speak with Employee Housing for contact information.


What kind of activities does employee housing plan?

The resident advisors plan multiple events throughout the winter season for residents. Last season, residents could attend the X-Games after a day of shredding in Aspen, a ski trip Breckenridge, an Avalanche NHL game in Denver, weekly yoga and flow nights, movie nights, trivia night, waxing lessons, and a free intro or drop in at Woodward. Most events are free, but some that require transportation have a minimal fee


What does the lobby of the building look like?

The lobby is a casual hang out for residents and guests. It has been renovated with new carpet, furniture, lighting, pool table, 60” flat screen 3-D HDTV, ping pong and foosball. The Human Resources and Employee Housing offices are conveniently located in The EDGE lobby.


Should I bring my own TV?

Each room has a small TV included. Each room is also hooked up to basic cable. You are welcome to bring your own TV, but please consider the limited space in each room and your roommate's space. Due to limited storage space and logistic concerns we will not remove the tv that is in your unit if you decide to bring your own.


Should I bring my own mini-fridge or microwave?

A small number of mini-fridges and microwaves are available for rent from Employee Housing for a small seasonal rental fee. Please plan ahead if you would like to rent or bring your own mini-fridge and microwave.


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