Copper's Concert Calendar

Pack a chair, grab some friends and head to Copper Mountain for free live music all summer long.

Copper Concerts

All Copper Mountain concerts are free all summer long.


June 29 - Kyle James Hauser
Multi-instrumentalist and singer based out of Louisville, KY. American Songwriter described Kyle James Hauser as "neo-folk" on banjo, guitar and voice.


July 4-7 - Various acts on the Wanderlust Caravan Stage


July 19 - Rob Drabkin
A rapsy Dave Matthews feel; "I'm pretty sure no other performer at the festival had more hair on his head than Rob Drabkin. The afro-headed acoustic guitar player cuts a memorable image to people who see him perform for the first time. He busted out his trademark flip flop rock tunes to an adoring crowd. In fact, after the third song, Rob and his band were pulling in inquisitive newbies like a moth to a flame." - Westword Magazine, Mile High Music Festival Review.


July 27 - Bop Skizzum - 7pm-9pm in Burning Stones Plaza *Fireworks following concert
Bop Skizzum's music is all about fusion... Gathering inspiration from every corner of the record store, the band meshes their alternative pop-rock vibe with groove-based funk, dance and hip-hop influences, creating an invigorating blend of unique instrumentation and phenomenal vocals to complete their sound.


August 2 - Sarah Angela & The Meanies - 5pm-7pm on the Pavilion Lawn Stage
Vocal twirling soulful songs with a folksy-indie-rock vibe. "Sarah Angela. An aspiring singer/songwriter working with professional musicians... Her inspirations are that of many, but to name a few; Damon Rice of Irish ballad and acoustic fame; Otis Redding, for that jazzy edge, India Aeri, for her soulful side. She is a tiny little girl, but she has a hear and a voice as big as all outdoors..." - Alex Fontana, Positively Entertainment


August 9-11 - Guitar Town


August 16 - Cash'd Out - 7pm-9pm on the Warrior Dash Stage
Over the past couple of decades, tribute bands have become big business in the world of concert promotion. And, not surprisingly, the more popular ones are the acts that are most authentic. Such is the case with Cash'd Out, a San Diego based band, that channels Johnny Cash in about as close a manner to the real thing as it gets.


August 17 - Jen Korte and the Loss - 7pm-9pm


August 23 - Charlotte Sass - 5pm-7pm on Jill's Deck


August 30 - September 1 - Copper Country


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