Upgrade Ideas

Where to Begin? Let us help you decide. We are here to recommend, order and oversee all your remodeling needs no matter how small or large. We work closely with our owners, vendors and installers to provide you with a seamless experience!

We pride ourselves on giving our homeowners the best service. We partner with only  highly experienced, licensed and insured professionals who are willing to go  further to make your home special.

We treat your second home as if it is our own. If you're thinking of a new mattress, an upgrade for your bathroom or a total remodel, we can assist you with every aspect.

“Why should I upgrade my unit?” you ask. Here are a few reasons:  increased revenue, premium management contract and a more comfortable, positive experience for you and your guests overall.


Interested in upgrades?

Check out the iFurnish Copper Homeowner Furnishing Ideas and Discounted Pricing HERE  Password: copper80443

Upgrade Mattresses

Base Level Mattresses

Mattress Protection

Click here to learn more about the Copper Rental Advantage Program and how the Rental Owner Services experienced dedicated staff can help maintain and improve your rental investment.

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