Owner Web Portal

The Owner Web Portal is a benefit we offer our Homeowners that allows you to log in and view all your home's activity at your convenience.


Using The Owner Web Portal you can:
• View Your Home's Availability Calendar
• Create Owner Reservations
• View Published Owner Statements


Current homeowners can access your account here: Owner Login


When viewing statments on the owner web portal it is important to enter the date range to match our fiscal month range as follows:

June                     Mon 06/01/2015 -             Sat 06/27/2015

July                      Sun 06/28/2015 -             Sat 07/25/2015

August                  Sun 07/26/2015 -             Sat 08/29/2015

September            Sun 08/30/2015 -             Sat 09/26/2015

October                Sun 09/27/2015 -             Sat 10/24/2015

November             Sun 10/25/2015 -             Sat 11/28/2015

December             Sun 11/29/2015 -             Sat 12/26/2015

January                Sun 12/27/2015 -             Sat 01/30/2016

February               Sun 01/31/2016 -             Sat 02/27/2016

March                   Sun 02/28/2016 -             Sat 04/02/2016

April                     Sun 04/03/2016 -             Sat 04/30/2016

May                     Sun 05/01/2016 -              Tue 05/31/2016


  • In the Rental Statistics, you will see a breakdown of your rental activity for both the current month and year. This includes the occupancy percentage for your condo and shows exactly how much it is being used.  Previously, the number of occupied nights was listed with each individual reservation but didn’t provide a total number of nights per statement period or the occupancy percentage.  The Rental Statistics gives you all of the activity info in one concise listing.
  • The Income/Expense Summary section lists all rental income earned less expenses incurred. Earned Income is a positive number; expenses are listed as a negative number. The management fees for all paying guest reservations are now included in this section.
  • The total due to (from) owner at the very bottom of your statement is your current balance. If this amount is positive, you will be receiving a payment from us. If this amount is negative, you owe money in the current period.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us:

Rental Owner Servicesrentalownerservices@coppercolorado.com, 970-968-3255 ext. 38853

Lodging Accountinghomeowneraccounting@coppercolorado.com, 888-258-0703

Cirque Association Manager – 970-968-3255 ext. 52000



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Facsimile | 970-968-3159